December Dispatch

A Note From Jim

👋 Hey! I hope you had a good month and completed heaps of streets. I know that collectively we did, because this year Nodevember broke 1 MILLION streets. Congratulations to anyone who contributed. Think we can do 2 million next year? 😜

As always - If there's anything you'd like added to this newsletter, please share your thoughts in the Newsletter Topics post in the forum.

🏃‍♂️ Let's go!



Last month, our second annual Nodevember took place. It basically replaces our regular AMSAP challenges, and gets a nice page of its own that live updates with our progress as the month progresses.

The stats were pretty big this year, with 35,334 people completing 1,009,007 streets in 18,364 cities across 109 countries.
Mike Sikkema came through on top with 1003 completed streets. Second and third were Linda Wheeler with 931 streets and John Erwin with 873 streets.
Woo! 🏆

Nodevember 2023 Map

AMSAP, National Walking Day, a special Leap Year event

We're back to our regularly scheduled AMSAP until we have National Walking Day on April 3rd. Well, that was until DJ suggested a GREAT idea of having a Leap Year event. I'll be building that out this/next month, and it will be formatted similarly to the other single-day challenges.


In The Works

I'm carrying over the one of the projects from last month's newsletter because I'd like more feedback on it as I work through the details. The Planned Runs feature isn't getting much traction at all as far as votes go, so I'm going to de-prioritize that for a while.
I'm always working on a number of things - keep an eye on the Ideas Category in the forum, and vote for the stuff you like. Your opinion and perspective matter!


The core idea is to have the ability to create a Crew which allow several things - work together to finish cities, compete inside the Crew to have the most completed streets, and compete against other Crews in cities.

Check out the post in the forum for the full details, and comment to share your perspective:


Holiday Gift Ideas

The holiday season is here, and I have some gift ideas for you.

You can Gift A CityStrides Subscription - Gift subscriptions are sold as prepaid months. Your purchase immediately applies the prepaid months, so be aware of that if you're trying to surprise them!

There are all sorts of great things in the shop - shirts, hoodies, buttons, stickers ... either with just the icon, or with the full logo
There's also this new dual-logo hoodie that comes in several colors:

Holiday Hoodie


Tag @CityStrides on your Instagram posts. I like to reshare your accomplishments in Instagram Stories - like our very own global leader just reaching the 25k street milestone!


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